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It all began with the idea of providing skydivers with the highest possible safety. The result was revolutionary: The first CYPRES was ready in 1991 and became the first electronic opening device in the skydiving world.

Innovative research, expertise and an extremely precise manufacturing process as well, made the CYPRES quickly a synonym for the most reliable AADs worldwide. Like no other device, the CYPRES has set new standards for safety and reliability ever since. It has become the indispensable part of skydiving equipment and a major factor in the military world.

AIRTEC has also become one of the most successful medium-sized companies in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealerships on every continent in the world.

CYPRES - High technology with top quality made in Germany.

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Released in 2003, the Military CYPRES 2 is the most sophisticated AAD (Automatic Activation Device) world wide. It combines German high tech engineering with outstanding quality and reliability.

CYPRES is the most advanced AAD you will fnd on the market today. More than 100 countries rely on the Military CYPRES when it comes to parachuting missions. All in all more than 210.000 CYPRES units are in service today.

By using the unique simplicity of handling, we minimize a potential error input by the operator. The operator can focus his full concentration on the mission at hand.

When it comes to the mission the Military CYPRES 2 shows its superior technology. It can be switched on to operational mode even during flight in an active pressurized cabin and can be set for any dropzone– with the ease of the extremely comfortable one button handling. The system is an independent back up safety system that will not interfere or restrict the normal parachuting activity.

Military CYPRES 2 1500 / 35

Military CYPRES 2 1500 / 35

The Military CYPRES 2 1500 /035 is developed and suitable for various applications using tactical canopies and higher payload. The increased activation altitude of 1500 ft. is appropriate for the larger opening distance of the majority of tactical canopies in the field.

Aircrew CYPRES 2

Aircrew CYPRES 2

The Aircrew CYPRES 2 is dedicated to assist an airmen in the emergency situation after a bail out from the aircraft or an unintentional fall out of the aircraft (working at open tailgates, etc.).
The standard version can be delivered with either Automatic Static Line arming or Manual Slide Bar arming.

Static Line System CYPRES

Static Line System CYPRES

The Static Line System (SLS) CYPRES is designed to initiate the reserve parachute activation of a low level round canopy static line jumper who finds himselves in an emergency situation. If the main parachute does not slow down the jumper to a vertical speed to less than 13 meters per second approx 500 to 600 feet below the aircraft, the CYPRES SLS is designed to initiate the reserve parachute.


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