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AEC Air Supporatec Support have operated an ES15 since 2012 for a wide variety of important Missions. AEC use the aircraft for reconnaissance, surveillance, ship monitoring, border patrol and law enf.

CEO Michel Versteeg chose the ES15 due to its low operational cost, impressive payload capabilities and variety of payload fixing points. ECARYS’ modular approach to construction allowed Versteeg to specify bespoke solutions for the wide variety of roles AEC Support operates in. “For our law enforcement and other sensitive missions, the noise and radar profile really is exceptional,” says Versteeg. “When you compare it with a helicopter or a twin-engine aircraft the difference is outstanding and this means that we are not noticed from the ground. When we are required to observe and not be noticed, one wonders how this can happen when you have noise pollution audibly viable from the ground. With the ES15 we are not noticed. It’s incredibly difficult to spot from the ground and even when we are working with the military they struggle to spot us on radar due to the profile of the aircraft. Even infra red radar finds it next to impossible due to the heat from the exhausts pointing upwards away from the ground. Over the last four years, AEC have put 1,000 hours on the ES15 and its on-demand times are impressive. “We’ve never had to cancel a job in that time frame,” says Versteeg, “which is another reason we see the ES15 as an indispensable tool for AEC and our customers.”

Exhibitor: ECARYS GmbH

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